Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Support Chinese Workers – Protest Hollywood Bakery

For the past 11 years, Hollywood Bakery boss has been exploiting and bullying Chinese workers. Workers complained of having no legal contract, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no stat pay, wage was below minimum wage, no bereavement leave, no day in lieu and illegal dismissals – and no back pay for any of this.

When workers took the boss to court over paying below minimum wage, and other illegal employment practices, the boss won the cases and the workers are now required to pay the legal costs of the boss. They are now bankrupt, but fighting back and wanting to expose the exploitation of Chinese workers in Hollywood Bakery.

Protest at 1pm Saturday 10th April , meet outside Atrium on Elliot Foodcourt, Elliot St

抗议Hollywood Bakery: 星期六,一点钟在Atrium on Elliot Foodcourt, Elliot St, City


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